1,1':4',1''-Terphenyl, 4''-chloro-2',2''-difluoro-4-pentyl-

  • 4''-Chlor-2',2''-difluor-4-pentyl-1,1':4',1''-terphenyl

Substance presence on monitored lists

ECHA Substances of Very High Concern

List name Present on list
Registry of SVHC intentions until outcome
Candidate List of SVHCs for Authorisation
Recommendations for inclusion in the Authorisation List
Registry of restriction intentions
Authorisation list (Annex XIV)
Substances restricted under REACH (Annex XVII)


Substance is listed as active biocide: NO

Classification and Labelling

List name Present on list
Harmonised classification and labelling (CLP Annex VI)
Registry of CLH intentions until outcome


List name Present on list
Registered substances

Related regulatory records

  • There are no related regulatory records in our database.