Fatty acids, C16-18 (even numbered), aluminium salts


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REACH registration record Registered substances
Factsheet URL external link [echa.europa.eu]
Tonnage band 1000 - 10000 tonnes per annum
Submission type Joint
Registration type Full

Lead registrant

Peter Greven GmbH & Co. KG


Registrant Address
FACI METALEST S.L.U. C/F Oeste Parcela, 54 – Poligono Malpica Sta Isabel 50016 Zaragoza Spain
Peter Greven GmbH & Co. KG Peter-Greven-Str. 20-30 53902 Bad Münstereifel Germany
Peter Greven Nederland C.V. Edisonstraat 1 5928 Venlo Netherlands
Valtris Specialty Chemicals Ltd (OR) Lankro Way PO Box 1, Eccles M30 0LX Manchester Greater Manchester United Kingdom
[Confidential] [Confidential]
knoell Germany - OR - B12 Konrad-Zuse-Ring 25 68163 Mannheim Germany

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July 11, 2019
  • CAS: 1471315-26-0
  • Related internal registration record ID: 3113584668
April 4, 2019
  • Registrants / Address: C/F Oeste Parcela, 54 – Poligono Malpica Sta Isabel 50016 Zaragoza Spain
  • Registrants / Registrant: FACI METALEST S.L.U.
  • Registrants / Address: Via Privata Devoto,36 16042 Carasco Genova Italy
  • Registrants / Registrant: FACI CORPORATE S.p.A.