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Essential oil of Canarium commune (Burseraceae) obtained from gum by steam distillation


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REACH registration record Registered substances
Factsheet URL external link [echa.europa.eu]
Tonnage band 10 - 100 tonnes per annum
Submission type Joint
Registration type Full

Lead registrant

Arrow Regulatory Limited


Registrant Address
BONTOUX S.A.S. Le clôt 26170 Saint Auban sur l'Ouvèze France
Biolandes Route de Belis 40420 Le Sen Landes France
FIRMENICH GRASSE SAS Zi les Bois de Grasse Boulevard Emmanuel Rouquier 06130 GRASSE France
FIRMENICH GRASSE SAS OR 1 Parc Industriel Les Bois de Grasse 06130 Grasse France
H. REYNAUD & FILS La Cheminade 26570 MONTBRUN LES BAINS France
Plant Lipids Europe GmbH Rockwinkeler Landstrasse 117 A 28325 Bremen Germany
Robertet 37 Avenue Sidi Brahim 06131 Grasse France
V. MANE FILS S.A. 620 route de Grasse 06620 Le Bar sur Loup France

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Nov. 8, 2019
  • Registrants / Address: Cr de Santa Olalla km 1 41240 Almaden de la plata Spain
  • Registrants / Registrant: AROMASUR SL
This version
July 11, 2019
  • CAS: 97675-63-3
  • Related internal registration record ID: 3111584637
May 6, 2019
  • Registrants / Address: Hayes Road Southall UB2 5NN Middlesex United Kingdom
  • Registrants / Registrant: FIRMENICH UK Ltd.
  • Registrants / Address: Parc Industriel Les Bois de Grasse 06130 Grasse France
  • Registrants / Registrant: FIRMENICH GRASSE SAS OR 1
March 6, 2019
  • Registrants / Address: Rockwinkeler Landstrasse 117 A 28325 Bremen Germany
  • Registrants / Registrant: Plant Lipids Europe GmbH