A mixture of:Sodium(or ammonium) bis[1-[[5-(1,1-dimethylpropyl)-2-hydroxy-3-nitrophenyl]azo]-2-naphthalenolato(2-)]-chromate(1-);Sodium(or ammonium) [[1-[[5-(1,1-dimethylpropyl)-2-hydroxy-3-nitrophenyl]azo]-2-naphthalenolato(2-)] -[1-[(2-hydroxy-4-nitrophenyl)azo]-2-naphthalenolato(2-)]]-chromate(1-);Sodium(or ammonium) [[1-[[5-(1,1-dimethylpropyl)-2-hydroxy-3-nitrophenyl]azo]-2-naphthalenolato(2-)] -[1-[(2-hydroxy-5-nitrophenyl)azo]-2-naphthalenolato(2-)]]-chromate(1-);Sodium(or ammonium) bis[1-[(2-hydroxy-4-nitrophenyl)azo]-2-naphthalenolato(2-)]-chromate(1)- ;Sodium(or ammonium) [[1-[(2-hydroxy-4-nitrophenyl)azo]-2-naphthalenolato(2-)][1-[(2-hydroxy-5-nitrophenyl)azo]-2-naphthalenolato(2-)]]-chromate(1-);Sodium(or ammonium) bis [1-[(2-hydroxy-5-nitrophenyl)azo]-2-naphthalenolato(2-)]-chromate(1-)


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REACH registration record Registered substances
Factsheet URL external link [echa.europa.eu]
Tonnage band 10 - 100 tonnes per annum
Submission type Joint
Registration type Full

Lead registrant

CS Regulatory Ltd 1L-4


Registrant Address
Brenntag UK Ltd Redvers Close lawnswood Business Park LS16 6QY Leeds United Kingdom
CS Regulatory Ltd 1L-4 The Old Courthouse St Peters Churchyard DE1 1NN Derby Derbyshire United Kingdom
Linx Printing Technologies Ltd Linx House, 8 Stocks Bridge Way Compass Point Business Park PE27 5JL St Ives Cambridgeshire United Kingdom
Markem-lmaje Industries 9 rue Gaspard Monge BP 110 26501 BOURG-LES-VALENCE France France
Nagase (Europa) GmbH Immermannstr. 65c 40210 Düsseldorf Germany
Videojet Technologies Europe B.V. Strijkviertel 39 3454 PJ De Meern Utrecht Netherlands

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July 11, 2019
  • CAS: 1029600-34-7
  • Related internal registration record ID: 3099484407
April 4, 2019
  • Lead Registrant: Envigo Research Limited 08CS Regulatory Ltd 1L-4
  • Registrants / Address: Shardlow Business Park London Road DE72 2GD Shardlow Derbyshire United Kingdom
  • Registrants / Registrant: Envigo Research Limited 08
  • Registrants / Address: The Old Courthouse St Peters Churchyard DE1 1NN Derby Derbyshire United Kingdom
  • Registrants / Registrant: CS Regulatory Ltd 1L-4