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2-ethylhexyl salicylate


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Registration details

REACH registration record Registered substances
Factsheet URL external link [echa.europa.eu]
Tonnage band 1000 - 10000 tonnes per annum
Submission type Joint
Registration type Full

Lead registrant

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Registrant Address
Ashland Services BV (0311) Noordweg 9 3336 LH Zwijndrecht Netherlands
B-Lands Consulting (811686-4) OR of MFCI(Huanggang) Co., Ltd 5 Place Robert Schuman - BP 1516 38025 Grenoble France France
DSM Nutritional Products GmbH- OR2 Emil-Barell-Str. 3 79639 Grenzach-Wyhlen Germany
DSM Nutritional Products Nederland B.V. Trade Port West 9017 Columbusweg 24 5928 Venlo Netherlands
Merck KGaA Frankfurter Strasse 64293 Darmstadt Germany
REACH24H CONSULTING GROUP Suite 1E, Paramount Court, Corrig Road, Sandyford Dublin 18 Dublin Ireland
Sustainability Support Services (Europe) AB Markaskälsvägen 6 22647 Lund Sweden
Symrise A4 Mühlenfeldstr. 1 37603 Holzminden Germany
Symrise AG Mühlenfeldstraße 1 37603 Holzminden Germany
Symrise Ibérica, S.L. Polígono Industrial Can Volart Ctra. C-17 Km. 15 08150 Parets de Valles (Barcelona) Spain
Symrise Ltd. Fieldhouse Lane SL7 1TB Marlow Bucks Buckinghamshire United Kingdom
Wilkinson Sword GmbH Schuetzenstr. 110 42659 Solingen NRW Germany

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April 6, 2020
  • Registrants / Address: Frankfurter Strasse 64293 Darmstadt GermanyFrankfurter Strasse 250 64293 Darmstadt Germany
This version
July 11, 2019
  • CAS: 98-55-5
  • Related internal registration record ID: 1151084293
May 6, 2019
  • Registrants / Address: Marten Meesweg 8-10 3068 AV Rotterdam Netherlands
  • Registrants / Registrant: Ashland Services BV (0311)
  • Registrants / Address: Noordweg 9 3336 LH Zwijndrecht Netherlands
  • Registrants / Registrant: Ashland Services BV (0311)
March 6, 2019
  • Registrants / Address: Polígono Industrial Can Volart Ctra. C-17 Km. 15 08150 Parets de Valles (Barcelona) Spain
  • Registrants / Registrant: Symrise Ibérica, S.L.
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