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Diboron trioxide


List details

Basic info

Status Opinion Development
Submitter Sweden
Regulatory programme
  • Chemical registered under REACH
  • Active substance in Biocidal Products
Further substance information EC Number: 233-139-2 [1]; 234-343-4 [1]; 215-125-8 [2]; 235-541-3 [3]; 215-540-4 [4;6;7]; 237-560-2 [5] CAS number: 10043-35-3 [1]; 11113-50-1 [1]; 1303-86-2 [2]; 12267-73-1 [3]; 1330-43-4 [4]; 13840-56-7 [5]; 1303-96-4 [6]; 12179-04-3 [7]


Harmonised classification at the time of the proposal
  • Repr. 1B, H360FD
Proposed harmonised classification by the dossier submitter
  • Reproductive toxicity
Hazard classes open for commenting Reproductive toxicity (removal of SCLs)
Specific concentration limits at the time of the proposal A proposal for a revised harmonised classification of boric acid submitted in September 2013 did not include a revision of the SCL and the concentration limit was therefore not addressed in detail by the RAC. However, in the opinion for boric acid the RAC notes that the SCL of 5.5% was derived by using the “German method” and that the GCL of 0.3% would apply for boric acid if the CLP guidance available at the time (version 4.0 - November 2013) had been used. The current proposal will adapt the SCLs (ranging from 3.1% to 8.5 % w/w) to GCLs for boric acid and 6 borates (0.3%).
Proposed specific concentration limits by the dossier submitter SCLs proposed to be removed and replaced by GCLs (0.3% w/w)

Intention timeline

Date of intention 2018-01-23
Expected date of submission 2018-04-30
Submitted for accordance check 2018-06-15
Final submission date 2018-11-02
Start of consultation 2018-12-10
Deadline for commenting 2019-02-22
Legal deadline for opinion adoption 2020-05-03


CLH report
Comments received
Public consultations - received attachments

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