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Registration details

REACH registration record Registered substances
Factsheet URL external link [echa.europa.eu]
Tonnage band 1000 - 10000 tonnes per annum
Submission type Joint
Registration type Full

Lead registrant

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Registrant Address
ARCHROMA IBÉRICA, S.L. ZAL-Prat c/Cal Coracero, 46-56 08820 El Prat de Llobregat Spain
Archroma Germany GmbH Kasteler Str. 45 65203 Wiesbaden Germany
BASF SE Carl-Bosch-Str. 38 67056 Ludwigshafen am Rhein Rheinland-Pfalz Germany
CHEMICAL INSPECTION & REGULATION SERVICE LIMITED Room 002, Regus Harcourt Centre D02 HW77 Dublin Ireland
Chemservice S.A. (8LF5) 5, an de Laengten 6776 Grevenmacher Luxembourg
Everkem Srl Via Melchiorre Gioia, 168 20125 Milano Italy
Everspring Europe Sprl Rue Rodenbach 125 1190 Brussels Belgium
Huntsman Textile Effects (Germany) GmbH Rehlinger Str. 1 D-86462 Langweid a.Lech Germany
MPI Chemie De Bouw 1-A 3991 SX Houten Netherlands
NYMCO S.p.A. V. C. Magni 1 21049 Tradate Varese Italy
REACH24H CONSULTING GROUP (QIDONG JINMEI CHEMICAL CO.,LTD) Suite 1E, Paramount Court, Corrig Road, Sandyford Dublin 18 Dublin Ireland
Rianlon GmbH Charlottenstr. 75 40210 Duesseldorf Germany
SI Group UK (UKAA) Ltd Tenax Road M17 1WT Manchester United Kingdom
[Confidential] [Confidential]

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  • bumetrizole
    CAS: 3896-11-5, EC: 223-445-4

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Jan. 6, 2020
  • Registrants / Address: Tenax Road M17 1WT Manchester United KingdomTeplitzer Strasse 84478 Waldkraiburg Germany
  • Registrants / Registrant: SI Group UK (UKAA) LtdSI Group DEAB (Imp)
April 6, 2020
  • Registrants / Address:
  • Registrants / Registrant: Only representative (No publishable name)
  • Registrants / Address:
  • Registrants / Registrant: [Confidential]
  • Registrants / Address: [Confidential]
  • Registrants / Registrant: [Confidential]
This version
June 10, 2019
  • Registrants / Address: Kasteler Str. 45 65203 Wiesbaden Germany
  • Registrants / Registrant: Archroma Germany GmbH
  • Registrants / Address: Robert-Bosch-Straße 2 41352 Korschenbroich Germany
  • Registrants / Registrant: M. Dohmen GmbH
  • Registrants / Registrant: Addivant UK LtdSI Group UK (UKAA) Ltd
March 6, 2019
  • Registrants / Address: Via Melchiorre Gioia, 168 20125 Milano Italy
  • Registrants / Registrant: Everkem Srl
  • Registrants / Address: piazza carbonari, 12 20125 milano Italy
  • Registrants / Registrant: everkem
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