Sulphur dioxide generated from sulphur by combustion


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Active substance data

Substance information page external link []
Product type PT04-Food and feed area
BAS number 1394
Candidate for substitution Under Assessment
Regulatory Process
  • Review programme substance
Assesment status Initial approval in progress
Assesment sub-status Opinion development by BPC

Approval data

Evaluating competent authority
  • Germany

Other data

Related authorised biocidal products 0
Factsheet URL external link []
RML Id 100.028.359
Inclusion category 0

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This version
May 6, 2019
  • EC: 231-195-2
Feb. 4, 2019
  • CAS: 7446-09-5
  • EC: 231-195-2
  • Approval status: Under review
  • Evaluating competent authority: DEGermany
  • Type: 4 - Food and feed area
  • Annex I Substance Flag: false
  • Assesment status: Initial approval in progress
  • Assesment sub-status: Opinion development by BPC
  • BAS number: 1394
  • Candidate for substitution: Under Assessment
  • Factsheet URL:
  • Inclusion category: 0
  • New Active Substance Flag: false
  • Product type: PT04-Food and feed area
  • Related authorised biocidal products: 0
  • Review Programme Flag: true
  • RML Id: 100.028.359
  • Substance information page:
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