Slags, granulated, resulting from plasma-enhanced gasification of non-hazardous municipal waste


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REACH registration record Registered substances
Record ID 100.232.598
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Last updated 21-02-2014
Tonnage band No longer valid
Submission type Joint
Registration type Full
Registration status No longer Valid

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AIR PRODUCTS RENEWABLE ENERGY LIMITED Hersham Place Technology Park Molesey Road KT12 4RZ Walton on Thames Surrey United Kingdom

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Feb. 3, 2021
  • Last updated: 25-05-202021-02-2014
  • Related internal registration record ID: 210511257631
  • Registration status: No longer Valid
  • Tonnage band: 10000 - 100000 tonnes per annumNo longer valid
  • Tonnage band - upper limit: 100000
  • Tonnage band - lower limit: 10000
Dec. 2, 2020
  • Last updated: 25-05-2020
  • Related internal registration record ID: 21843210511
  • Record ID: 100.232.598
  • Tonnage band - upper limit: 100000
  • Tonnage band - lower limit: 10000