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Dear EcoMole Watchdog users,

we bring you a regular update from the world of chemicals regulation.

We usually start these emails with an overview of what happened on our monitored lists in the last month. In fact, it is usually the largest part of the email and so we decided to automate the process and prepared a new dedicated page as part of the Watchdog website.

To check it out, visit this page with February 2019 overview.

Merging of ECHA SVHC intentions related lists

ECHA recently finalized their effort to consolidate information about SVHC intentions and merge them into one list. To be consistent with information from ECHA we have made the corresponding adjustment in our database as well. This means that the following three regulatory lists:

  • Current SVHC intentions
  • Submitted SVHC intentions
  • Identified SVHCs

have been merged into one new list Registry of SVHC intentions until outcome.

We do not want to spam you - tell us you preferences

In recent months it has happened several times that ECHA simply changed one trivial value, such as date of last update, on one complete list. Because we treat all changes the same, we feel obliged to report even such less important changes to our users. On the other hand, we are aware that it might be annoying. To better understand your preferences, we created a very short questionaire.

Please, give us your thoughts - it should not take more than a minute.

Have a great day,

Beda @ Watchdog


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