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Dear EcoMole Watchdog users,

we hope you have had a good start in the new year 2019 and we bring you our first batch of chemicals regulation news in this year.

As usual, we will start with a short overview of what happened on the monitored lists. In addition to the usual frequent small changes in the Registry of CLH intentions until outcome and some updates on the list REACH Registered substances, there have been some less usual changes as well.

Most importantly the Candidate List of SVHCs for Authorisation has been updated recently with addition of several new substances. As presence of substances on this list already has some important consequences for manufacturers, you might want to review the changes to see if they are relevant to you.

The scope of data provided by ECHA for the list of Biocidal active substances was significantly extended and we have reflected this change in recent updates.

The Registry of restriction intentions has seen a large number of changes, but they seemed to be mostly about maintenance and did not change the important data.

There have also been a few changes on other lists, but they were usually just updates of existing entries rather than additions of new ones.

Brexit and its fallout on chemicals regulation

It seems that all the news is about Brexit these days and it has good reasons. Especially the "no deal" version of Brexit, which seems to get more and more likely, has the potential to shake the EU market.

In the world of REACH it means, besides other things, that companies based in the UK would no longer be valid REACH only representatives.

Because we had to deal with this issue for our company as well (registering office in the Czech Republic), we have devoted much time to comprehensively study all potential scenarios of Brexit and their impact on REACH compliance of EU, UK and non-EU companies. Drop us an e-mail at if you want to discuss your particular situation to retain REACH compliance after Brexit.

Mark your calendar - October 15-16, 2019, Prague, Czech Republic

Even though it is still early, we are already preparing the 2019 PCMC (Prague Chemicals Management Cruise) conference. This year we decided to move the date to October and we would welcome any suggestions or requests for the conference topics, speakers, etc.

If your suggestion is extra interesting, there is even a chance to get a free ticket! Reach us at

We love your feedback

Several features and lists in Watchdog were added specifically to cover the needs of you, our users. We are always happy to receive your feedback and we try to act on it as best as we can. If you have any suggestions or questions, please let us know at

Beda & the EcoMole Watchdog team


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