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Dear EcoMole Watchdog users,

the year 2018 is quickly approaching its end and we bring you our last update from Watchdog for this year.

As usual, we will start with a short overview of what happened on the monitored lists. Since the introduction of the Registry of CLH intentions until outcome we clearly have a new contender for the position of the fastest evolving lists. This list sees and update at least every week, sometimes even a few days in a row. As already observed, updates of the REACH Registered substances have slowed down considerably, but there are still a few every week.

In the last two months we have also seen a few substances move from the Current SVHC intentions list to the Submitted SVHC intentions list - details here.

There have also been a few changes on other lists, but they were usually just updates of existing entries rather than additions of new ones.

New list - REACH Registrants

In response to demand from you, our users, we introduced a new list in November - the list of REACH Registrants. It is closely related to the list of REACH Registered substances, but it adds the information about registrants as available on the ECHA website including the designation of lead registrant.

Using this list, you can not only get the overview of current registrants, but also get notified about changes in the registrant list of your favourite substances in the future.

How do you track risk management measures?

Any downstream user shall identify, apply and where suitable recommend appropriate measures to adequately control risks identified in any safety data sheet(s) supplied to him, including the so-called Extended Safety Data Sheets (eSDS), which contain exposure scenarios (Article 37/5 of the REACH Regulation).

To help with documenting this process, we have prepared the the following templates, which includes SDS and eSDS evaluation tables and which we think might be interesting for you. Individual spreadsheets can be printed and archived after filling.

Look back on the second annual Prague REACH conference

Last week we have hosted the second Prague Chemicals Management Cruise - our conference focused on REACH and related topics. If you would like to have a look at the presentations, you can find all that on the conference website.

Seasonal greetings

Last, but not least, we would like to thank you for being with us in 2018 and wish you all very merry Christmas and a good entrance into the year 2019.

Beda & the EcoMole Wachdog team


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