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Dear EcoMole Watchdog users,

after more than a month, we are back with some Watchdog newsletter. This time, we have some very interesting announcements to make.

As usual, we start with an overview of what happened on our monitored lists in the last month.

In their newsletter, ECHA had announced that it will switch the database of substances registered under REACH into a maintenance mode in October, so there will be no new additions in that time. From our observations, it seems that ECHA have indeed started a process of data cleanup in this database because many of the records either received new data (mostly in form of CAS numbers) or had some errors removed (such as improved nomenclature or erroneously assigned CAS numbers being removed).

In the previous month, we have also seen one change related to SVHC. 3 substances were added to the Submitted intentions list, 4 to the Current intentions list, and 3 to the Candidate list. You can see the details here.

Since its introduction last week, we have already observed three separate sets of changes on the list of CLH intentions. You can find more information about this list below.

CLP is here

You might remember that we asked you a few months ago, if you would like to see CLP (Classification, labelling and packaging) information in Watchdog. Because we received positive feedback to this idea, we decided to make it our priority after the Watchdog internal overhaul which took place in Summer.

And today we are proud to announce that we integrated not only the current CLP legislation into the service, but also the CLH intentions which is where the actual work of preparing new decisions about CLP is made and which is the best source of data if you would like to have the freshest possible information.

BTW, many of you have already received an update about your watched substances last week when we included the CLP data into Watchdog.

REACH and CLP legislation at your fingertips

You would probably agree that the REACH and CLP directives are not an easy read. Not only is the text pretty long, but it can be also hard to navigate be it in PDF or HTML. This is why we built an enhanced online version of both of these directives which tries to make them easier to navigate and read. We added a structured table of contents to each document and also provided cross-linking using a set of highly topical keywords.

In case you are interested, you can check the results online here for REACH and here for CLP. Of course, as with Watchdog, both are free!

Conference invitation

There is still time to register to the Prague Chemical Management Cruise which will take place in Prague on 6–7 December 2018.

PCMC website link


As always, we are eager to receive your feedback about Watchdog. Which lists you would like us to include, what languages we should add, or any other suggestions. Just let us know at or in this online form.

Have a great day,

Beda @ Watchdog


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