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Dear EcoMole Watchdog users,

we are in the middle of summer (temperature here in Prague has been above 30 °C each day for the last two weeks) and it is highest time to review what happened in the world of regulation of chemicals in the previous month.

It seems that the holiday mood influenced even the area of chemicals regulation. The only regulatory list we monitor that has seen any change has been the list of REACH registered substances. And even there the number of changes was lower than in previous months, most probably due to the registration deadline which passed at the end of May. The number of changes in the whole month of July was similar to what we have seen in one week in spring.

BTW, it might be of interest that in July we caught two cases where the list of registered substances as published by ECHA here by mistake excluded high production volume substances - at first Acrylonitrile and then Benzyl acetate. As Watchdog relies on the data published by ECHA implicitly, please always double check potential reports of your watched substances being removed from a list.

New Watchdog is on its way

It has already been almost a year since we first released Watchdog to the world. In the meantime, we have learned much about what our users want and also about how the regulatory lists behave. We have found that there is a lot of inconsistency in the data and especially the introduction of the list of REACH registered substances into our system brought with it a lot of inconsistent data with the potential for missing important updates for our users.

This is why in the last few months we have been working on a new overhaul of Watchdog with this in mind. Most importantly we have separated the database of chemical substances from the database of regulatory list entries. This allows us much more flexibility when assessing and reporting changes on individual lists, as one list entry may be related to several substances and vice versa.

But that is enough of technical details. The most important thing is that we plan to release the new Watchdog at the end of this month. We will inform you once the change has taken place. We hope you will like the new Watchdog even more than the current one.

CLP again

In the last newsletter, we asked you to give us feedback on our plan to add all CLP harmonised classifications into Watchdog. Unfortunately the link to that poll was incorrect for some of you and so we ask you again - this time with the correct link for everybody.

Invitation to REACH related conferences

Are you interested in the world of REACH and related topics? Then we have an invitation for two conferences that will boost your knowledge about this field! First is the free Chemicals Management Forum 2018 held in renowned and adventurous Belgrade (Serbia) in October and followed by in-depth training in REACH Safety data sheets. The second goes for Prague Chemicals Management Cruise where world-renowned experts provide short speeches on hot regulatory topics and bringing their view on what it is happening in the field. And to make the conference more unique, it is followed by the experience of the ConverStation. The powerful and innovative discussion format developed by Peter Woodward, an experienced process architect and facilitator. Attendants will select from the menu of hot topics and exchange experience with professionals around the tables. The discussions are intensive, focused, with real-life stories. And all takes a place in wonderful Prague wrapped in pre-christmas atmosphere! Don't miss the early bird registration with 22 % off. We look forward to seeing you there! :-)

Kryštof @ EcoMole


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